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Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel

A.J. Mirabedini = Marketing Rainmaker Extraordinaire and The Entrepreneur Whisperer A.J. is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and executives in world. What he does, says, or decides is absorbed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and many other countries.

He’s not just a CEO, an executive, a marketer, a visionary. AJ is also a kind gentle soul that cares about his employees, customers, family and friends. For me, this is more important than his business acumen. After all, what type of person do you want in your business, in your life, maybe even in your home?

If you’re thinking of working with A.J. you should think no longer and work with him right now. Work with him as much as you can. He’ll make a difference in your business and in your life.

Jorge Olson, Writer, Thinker, Family Man & Eternal Teenager

A.J. Mirabedini is a serial entrepreneur who is the ultimate game changer for any business. I found A.J. to be the perfect solution for offline, online, sales, and marketing strategies. I highly recommend AJ and his AJM Marketing Group for all your business needs.

Derek Emery, CEO

Patrick Norris

Senior Vice President

A.J. brings inspiring creativity to every project he creates, manages and guides to its execution. His unique insight to consumer traits and desires is amazing. If you want results…Get A.J.!

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