Success Factors

V-CEO is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

V-CEO has worked with over 1,000 businesses in multiple business sectors. As a turn around expert supporting Private Equity. 

I go beyond Knowledge Transfer to Organizational Transformation (making a lasting difference within the organizations we serve). I use smart, convenient tools and assessments to make your programs real, entertaining, and highly effective.

V-CEO Brings Proven Expertise and models!

V-CEO comes into your company having already completed a wide array of successful engagements! 

V-CEO brings you the laser vision needed to cross industries, tackle multiple challenges, and positively impact your business quickly!

V-CEO Makes Financial Sense!

V-CEO focuses on implementation and execution!

V-CEO is accountable for results!

V-CEO is affordable; top executive talent without the cost of benefits packages, 

V-CEO does not require long term contracts, severance, and other full time perks! 

V-CEO focus is on solving challenges immediately, so your business can realize a positive financial impact.

V-CEO can parachute in immediately, for prompt results.


More and more companies are turning to interim executives to improve performance in a global economy that demands immediate excellence. V-CEO can:

  • Provide required strategic or tactical help
  • Assist a company in distress or crisis, when days and hours count
  • Replace departing leadership and guide permanent leaders during transition
  • Launch new initiative, product or service
  • Offer additional leadership bandwidth during transition
  • Access resources or professional partnership to address client needs
  • Provide transformational leadership in a fast changing market

Let’s work together to maximize the opportunities in these unique market conditions.

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