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To succeed in business, it’s dangerous to get stuck in the day to day minutia. You need a big picture — a vision and strategy for the future. But it can be difficult for busy leaders to focus on strategies when they’re overwhelmed by the immediate demands of running a business. They spend most of their time down in the trenches, rather than surveying the horizon and making plans to boldly win far more than competitors.

Assuming that your business is dedicating adequate resources to big-picture thinking, how many of those plans have been put into action versus sitting on a shelf? Even with a plan in hand, developing strategic blind spots along the way is also a threat. Problems don’t only arise from the risks you understand or don’t understand. The biggest danger may be from those things you don’t see coming at all. Periodically having an outside expert assess your business can eliminate these blind spots and bring greater overall clarity about what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve.


Aj Mirabedini

MY Vision

Organizations will prosper because managers at every level understand and enthusiastically embrace their leadership responsibilities, resulting in an engaged, high-performing workforce

MY Values

Have a positive impact on every organization I touch. To give my clients more than they expect. Leave a legacy of real success.

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Success
Is Both Science & Art

This day is unlike any other in the past!

Today’s market conditions have made what was normal just a few months ago, all that had driven success in the past, a distant memory. Tried, tested, and predictable business growth strategies suddenly have become less relevant, or even obsolete. Business owners like you that will survive are seeking ideas, solutions and strategies to proactively stabilize if not maximize their businesses.

They are catching their breath, getting their feet firmly planted again on the ground and then working through to a new normal. Many need a helping hand, an alternative way of looking at the world and business. They really need what major corporations have in their board rooms and C-Suites, but who can afford all that NOW?

YOU can!

The Virtual CEO is exactly for businesses that can’t afford the overhead of a full time,
experienced CEO but desperately need his help.

Let’s work together to maximize the opportunities in these unique market conditions.

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